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Eleeza: The Art of Eliza Ivanova Tutorial Book

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is the first tutorial-only book I’ve created, the goal of which was to deconstruct my drawing and coloring process and show the thinking behind each step. Additionally, I go in depth about the most important tools in my set, how I go about choosing and using references, and how each piece came to be conceptually.

Each book is signed and stamped.

”Enter the spellbinding world of inspirational artist and filmmaker Eliza Ivanova. Blending traditional painting and sketching with the influences of animation, Eliza produces work that is as captivating as it is dramatic. This beautiful book holds the secrets to how she imbues her work with her own fantasy stories, resulting in authentic, evocative gestures and pose. In addition to galleries filled with a mix of her latest creations, classic favorites, and brand new pieces for the book, Eliza opens the door to her studio. Follow specially created step-by-step workshops for insight into how she captures the exceptional movement that infuses her work, using her favorite tools and key techniques.”
- 3DTotal